Ready for Preschool?

It’s time to start another year of preschool, and parents who have children in day care are excited to get children out of day care and into a learning environment. But some kids aren’t ready for preschool because they are still developmentally two, and they need to catch up to that magic number three before preschool will “fit” properly. Now what does that mean?
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Excellence…What it Means to a Child

This week in school, one of our little guys won a prize for Geography. He is just five, and is reading, and he actually studied the political maps sent home and came to school with the ability to find countries on the big map by both instinct and what he had taught himself. By all standards, this is what most teachers would call excellence.
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World’s Healthiest Foods

Here is a wonderful site that I have enjoyed for years. It’s a complete healthy food eating site that is well set up. makes sense, and is easy to read. For all of you, and that includes me…who are trying to shed the Christmas pounds with the idea that summer suits look a lot better sans Christmas pounds…here’s a site well worth going to
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First Day of School!

Today is our first day of school. Please remember to dress children for active play. That means short shorts, shirts with sleeves, socks and shoes. Please do not send children in buckle shoes, dresses, or sleeveless clothes! We will be eating breakfast at 8:30 and starting school at 9:30. Lunch will be spaghetti and meatballs and fresh fruit. Have a great day!