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Every child deserves a chance!  And every child at the Garden School gets a fighting one!

The Garden School teachers regard for the parent as the primary educator of the child.  Therefore, the responsibility of good formation lies with the parent.  The Garden School staff cooperates fully with every parent in every way.  We hope the trust established between parents, children, and teachers will help children grow up as well.

Every child will have the opportunity to earn prizes, candy, and other rewards from the goodie box and the treasure box. We encourage children to be positive and to understand that they “can.”

Your child begins his/her day at the Garden School with a simple silver medal on a black chord.  This medal is a sign that your child is a model student. The medal has your child’s name on it.  Children who keep their medals because they continue to be model students and citizens will be in the running for treats, privileges and rewards.

Children who are poorly behaved will lose their medals. Poor behavior is one of three things: making another child cry on purpose; very disruptive; very disobedient.

The point of discipline is to encourage reason, accountability, and introspection.  Children who make connections between their behavior and the result of certain actions understand that good behavior is a product of righteous living.

We use time out as a separating tool to encourage cooperation.  Children who sit in time out may not take treasure box items home.

If a child is violent toward another child, a teacher, or school property, he will be separated from the other children for a period of 15 minutes.  If violence continues, he will be sent home.  Pick up is expected promptly.  This is a safety standard that must be enforced.