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In the Classroom

This year, our theme is “I can do this all by myself.”

We will be offering two classes…a kindergarten for those children ready to learn how to read and do simple addition and subtraction, and children who are need to learn the basics so that they too can become ready to read. We will call the two groups, the Kindergarten and the Littles. Children will be continuously moved up from the Littles to the kindergarten as soon as they are ready.

Each of our classes will be forty minutes. Miss Dayna will be teaching the arithmetic class and Miss Judy will be teaching the reading/ writing class. The Kindergarten will have reading first, and the Littles will have arithmetic first, then we will switch teachers.

Kindergartners will be given the following materials:

A cotton bag with his or her name on it. This bag is to go home on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and always come back to school the following day. It is always a good idea to hang our bag on the doorknob of the door we are most likely to leave by in the morning.

Three folders: one for arithmetic, one for handwriting and one for reading. Homework will be in one of the folders along with notes from teachers and extra work children might find challenging and amusing.

Crayons and a pencil to be kept in their bag to use at home.

Sight words and spelling words will go home as soon as it is appropriate.

Library books will be sent home as soon as children can manage to read them.

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the kindergarten will have fifteen minutes of homework. Children will receive classroom points for remembering, doing, and doing well.

This year, the Kindergarten will be issued a monthly calendar which will need to be signed by a parent or care provider every day that someone has worked with the child.

The children will be taught how to keep their bags in an orderly manner so that they will always have the materials needed to work at home. Taking care of our things all by ourselves is part of becoming an independent person, and children love being independent.

Our teachers teach for real, and we expect children to have a great deal of earned fun learning for real! Doing it for real means real accomplishments and a real sense of independence.  It is always amazing how much children can and will do if instructed properly and encouraged with a lot of affection.

We hope parents see happy growth in their children this year.

The Garden School offers “What’s in the Hopper” every morning in Circle Time. We will touch on a daily topic so that children learn to listen to new things.

We will offer music every day. We will learn to sing, learn to listen, learn to play some percussion instruments.

Miss Molly will teach story time. If we were to accomplish the most important part of preschool with every child, every child would learn to listen and then listen to learn. Reading is not only fun-damental, reading is the lifelong exchange of communication at its best.

We will offer Spanish this year with Miss Lisa. She hopes to send home enough Spanish words, ideas and sounds to amuse the children and encourage them to pursue the love of other cultures.

In the afternoons, we will be following a monthly theme based on “Being in the World.”  In August, we will talk about how to do things in the world. It’s a doing month of learning how to stand in line, how to wash our hands, get a drink, ask for help, sit at a lunch table, answer a question, paint, use scissors, crayons, colored pencils, glue, paper, and pencils. Our afternoon program in August will be all about working with tools, and learning to use them effectively. This allows the children to achieve more pleasure, more production, and more fulfillment from their art activities.

We hope parents are thrilled with our teaching approach.