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Food is a big part of our day at school. Miss Molly and Miss Lisa prepare all the Garden School meals from scratch.

They delight the children with a wonderful breakfast, lunch and snack every day. They use fresh fruit, fun style veggies, lean meats, fresh fish and all whole grain breakfasts and desserts so that  every child receives the right nutrition every day.

All meals meet and exceed the USDA Child Care Food Program standards.

Breakfasts include: homemade whole grain muffins, waffles, pancakes, coffee cakes, homemade donuts, and sticky buns. We make our own cereal and children receive as much as they like. Breakfasts are served with 1% white milk and 100% fruit juice and fresh fruit.


Lunch always exceeds USDA Child Care Food Program standards. We serve a great entire including homemade whole grain pizza, beef and cheese tacos with all the trimmings, piggie pie – a sweet pork dish they all love – whole baked hams, chickens, salmon, turkeys, pork roasts, breakfast for lunch with all the trimmings, and children’s specialties like spaghetti, lasagna, traveling pies, quiche for kids and many more exciting tastes and delights.

Lunch is always served with lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grain home made bread, milk and a lot of love. Children may have as much as they want. Manners are expected.

The United States Depart of Agriculture has a delightful web page especially geared for children concerning all aspects of food.

“From the mounts of children, God finds perfect praise.”


We say a lunch grace before we eat. It is a simple thanking God for the food we are about to eat.  After lunch, we thank God for all he has done for us. We pray what is called “intercessory prayers.”  These are petitions for things we want.  We pray for our families, for ill friends and relatives and those in our nursing homes, for our school, for those who are kind to us, and for those who are unkind to us, for travelers, for our pets, for special intentions of our family and friends and for the soldiers who are fighting for us. If you have a special intention or need for prayer, please let a teacher know. We conclude with a request of God’s special friends to pray for us because they are close to Him.