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Our Activities

The Garden School provides children with the opportunities in our city and surrounding cities that offer cultural and educational experiences that help answer by doing many of the questions children have but don’t know how to verbalize.

We start our school year in August after a very busy summer. We gently begin to teach every day, but still take the children on plenty of field trips!



Our beginning theme is “The World of Doing.” During the month of August, we teach the children how to…draw, paint, use supplies, work with clay, stand in line, wash their hands, and a hundred other things like drive the firetruck that need to be taught to very young children.


In September, we work on a large theme of “The World of My Family.” We explore the smaller themes of who we are, who our families are, what our families do, what other people do and what we want to do when we grow up. We end the month with our Family Day.


In October, we work on a theme of “Me in the Natural World.” We explore earth science and we find out how we, as human beings, fit into the natural world with other human beings. We end the month with a Halloween party and a trip to several nursing homes.


In November we look at a theme of “Me in History.” We study the early Americans and work on a fully cast and costumed play which is presented to parents the third week of November. 




December brings us the theme of “Christmas around the World.” Who celebrates what and when? We finish out the semester with a visit from Santa and a big cookie bash and presents!



January kicks off our “Where in the World am I?” theme. We talk about winter, the polar regions, and show the incredible movie “Shackleton.” We study cultures around the world.  We have an International Feast at lunch time for parents.




In February, we study the “World of Relationships.” We elect a Class President, we have a Valentine’s Day Dance, we talk about love, and friendship.



In March we have our big Spring Play. It’s a musical comedy about St. Patrick. The children sing Slithery Snakes to the tune of Chattanooga Choo Choo! It’s a big month to study...”The World of Theatre and Imagination.”



In April, The month of “Music and Me,” the children review all the songs they have learned and present a wonderful singing program for parents and grandparents. There is also a Scholastic Book Fair.

In May, “My Graduating World” finishes the school year, and we have an Awards Day followed by a picnic.

In June and July we swim and enjoy field trips. Three times a week we take off for the pool or a long field trip. Check the field trip page to see where we go.