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We are an eclectic group of men and women that works together well to give every child the best start in school possible. Our goal is to take our kids as far as we can, and that takes teamwork. Each of our team members is talented, loving and comes with a bushel basket of ideas. It is a pleasure to call each one a member of our team.

Judy Lyden has been providing child care at the preschool age since 1983. She has a special interest in children who need an alternative approach to education through a high energy, tactile or kinesthetic learning. She received her baccalaureate degree from the University of Evansville and has done some graduate work in Education.  Judy writes a blog which you can find right here on our website. She has been a nationally syndicated writer for Scripps Howard News wire and for a subsidiary of NBC. She still  writes about early childhood and you can view her work on any Internet search engine. She enjoys writing fiction and has completed seven novels. She explores cooking, gardening and maintaining her ancient home. She is married to Terry Lyden. They have four children: Brendan, who builds and operates Proton Therapy units (cancer treatment) all over the world, Katy, who works a Senior Safety Specialist for many industrial plants, Molly, our Garden School  administrator, and Anne,  who is a multi talented musician and linguist and presently a nanny in Chicago. Anne has been a professional chef since she was 16.


Miss MollyMiss Molly  is our school administrator, food program manager, and kitchen manager. With a degree in progress, she has been working in childcare for nearly twenty years. Miss Molly is interested in the psychology of the child and has a one in a million understanding of children.  She has been with the Garden School since it began.  She is an excellent artist and her work can be seen at the Garden School.  She includes a wonderful understanding of the home and she brings to the Garden School a management we could not do without. She is adept at gardening, cooking, buying and time management. She is married to Rob Snyder who helps out on field trips. They have three children, Jack, William, and Robby. They live in Newburgh.


Mr. Terry is our finance general and one of our afternoon teachers. He is married to Miss Judy, and is an excellent husband to her. He is a retired professor of history and spent most of his career at St. Meinrad College. He is our building maintenance and computer whiz. His interests are film, history, literature, exercise and how things work.


Mrs. St. Louis  has been teaching over fifty years. She teaches in all our capacities including the littles reading group. She has three grown children and has seven grand children. She is interested in gardening and literature. She lives in Evansville.






summerMiss Summer  comes to us with a lifetime of early childhood education. She has a special interest in all things natural and she teaches our science program. She teaches handwriting and band and is our decorations master and our special events person. Miss Summer is married to Chris and has two children and three grandchildren. She loves to swim, to hike, and to be outdoors.





Miss Cindy comes to us with six children. She brings art, music, and a special love of life to our school. Miss Cindy has sent her oldest, her middle child an her youngest to school at the Garden School. Twenty years of faithful care. She teaches arithmetic, art, and has a special interest in special activities. You can see her daily move among groups of children to add special warmth and teaching.